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View Diary: Koch Libertarian Glenn Greenwald's NSA hypocrisy(Paypal / Omidyar) (255 comments)

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  •  These guys wouldn't (6+ / 0-)

    but the many republicans that have joined the Democrats to promote what is called the third way agenda, would troll rate you!  They are highjacking an entire party from the inside to pursue a right wing agenda.  I object to the right wing agenda not parties or individuals.  

    •  Then you should push back against the libertarian (6+ / 0-)

      infiltration of progressive politics.

      I support Elizabeth Warren and people like her. (so does Pres.Obama)

      But we won't see more like her if Koch affiliated Paul agents like Greenwald are able to peddle their influence unchallenged amongst the left.

      •  I push back against koch brothers influence (4+ / 0-)
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        cybrestrike, MKSinSA, kharma, flowerfarmer

        both inside and out.  I support Warren and dems like her.  I supported Obama only as a lesser evil, but he is part of the problem is my view.  His education reforms and bailouts of wallstreet were pure koch inspired dlcism.  His opposition to the Pauls might by principled since Paul is also a neoconfederate and perhaps racist, but it is not on economic issues as mine is.  We should be aware of all agenda differences.

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