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View Diary: Koch Libertarian Glenn Greenwald's NSA hypocrisy(Paypal / Omidyar) (255 comments)

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  •  sigh... i knew you couldn't stop "being a dick" (0+ / 0-)

    i knew after I'd log off for just a litle bit, you're pretending we were ending this was all an act, an people following this can see that for themselves.

    You want to continue this or end it?

    By retaliatory HRing me.
    By dragging shit across diaries.
    Accusing me of being kovie's sockpuppet.
    Calling me stupid.
    Threatening to get me and kovie banned.

    You're a real hero, man.

    yeah, except all these are false allegations , no actually just your asinine opnions, and they hold no weight other than your thick head and maybe your followers,  again, this site is so clique driven, there's not much point for actual discussion.

    Which is why I'm getting back to discussing and leaving you in the misery of being a really terrible person.

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