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View Diary: Furious conservatives forget Bush ordered insurers to pay for Medicare prescriptions (11 comments)

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  •  I got cuaght in that Medicare Part D fiasco... (0+ / 0-)

    in Arizona.  I was told that because I was disabled, and not a senior by one state official and three insurance companies, I was not eligible for the Medicare Part D.  It seems that at the time, states were allowing insurance companies to decide if they would offer the coverage on a state by state basis, something that was not widely publicized.  In an insurance friendly, GOP state they allowed it for seniors, but not the disabled on Social Security.  So I could not enroll.  

    Fast forward to 2012, and I am now living in Oregon.  I had to apply for food stamps for my husband and myself, and the caseworker asked me why I did not have Part D.  I told her, and she was appalled.  She told me I had always qualified, and signed me up immediately for it.  Then we both discovered that because I had not had it all along that I would have to pay a penalty that nearly doubled the premium and that I would have to pay it for the next 6 years!  The state of Oregon because of our household income is now paying it for me, but my husband may be receiving a military disability pension by the end of next year raising that income, and I will then assume that new premium each month and its penalty amount.  If anything happens to my husband, I will not be eligible for any state assistance like I am now, so I will see a nearly $80 drop in my income because of Part D.  Gee, thanks GOP for all your help!

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