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  •  Hi-it's-Monday cheers from Florida (8+ / 0-)

    Cheers to the cold front that finally made it through yesterday--highs for most of the week will be upper 60s and mid-70s.

    Hopeful/anticipatory cheers to this afternoon's car appointment. Every time I've looked at it, though, I've seen yet another small bit of damage that I didn't see before. The car is just old enough that its value could be over-run by enough small things needing to be fixed. This would not be a good time to total it, so fingers crossed.

    Jeers to whats-their-noodles up in watchamacallit. That's just a little too much Christmas. And their random capitalization to emphasize....ayiyiiyii. I mean, the word is what it is for a reason, and no life-sized wiseman (whom no one believes was there at the time) is going to change that.

    Cheers to Beethoven. Cheers also to Mozart, Stravinsky, Bach, Rachmaninoff (I probably misspelled that) and the others. Sometimes, classical music is all you need to clear your brain. Other times, Trent Reznor is required (I am nothing if not eclectic in my tastes.).

    Cheers to artists, musicians, truth-tellers and everyone else looking for the interesting, creative, and intriguing in this world of ours.

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