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    Now there are some justifiably famous authors, and ones that I'd definitely love to see, or have seen.

    While I seem to be more into the books than seeing the authors in person, I also greatly sympathize with writers who are good writers, but not famous--and who feel pretty stressed by the possibility of miserable attendance at an event.

    I heard Dennis Lehane speak--to a HUGE audience--about his experience as a writer. He talked about going to a bookstore in Texas to read and sign books, and got a grand total of three people, in addition to the staff. He said he felt pretty displeased about that. The next day, his agent called to say he made it to the NY Times bestseller list--and Lehane immediately felt quite remorseful about his bad attitude the night before.

    •  Wow! (3+ / 0-)

      Talk about things changing overnight. Lehane is quite successful and must be rolling in dough. I'm from South Boston and am very familiar with Lehane's themes. Sometimes, I find them too painful to read ("Mystic River").
       I was thinking about Clint Eastwood this morning and the kind of male fantasies that lead to gun ownership. Eastwood made a very successful film of at least one of Lehane's novels, "Mystic River", I think it was. And I was trying to make a case that Eastwood, whose Dirty Harry persona is the basis of a lot of male gun owner fantasies, missed the subtleties. Unfortunately, I haven't seen the movie nor have I read the book so it was only a supposition.  

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