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View Diary: Lynching Isn't The Metaphor That I Would Have Used But I Understand :( (266 comments)

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    Now as it pertains to your latter comment, if posting the brief information below isn't offering my own analysis, then to bad, so sad, to those seeing RED.

    Below is a blog by Frank Schaeffer that I'm dedicating to all the haters of President Obama and that includes some on the left. Check out his blog and see where you fall in line or what role you've played in the character assassination of President Barack Obama.

    Some may get offended by the frankness of the author blog but for me he's spot on in his assessment of how President Obama is treated and why. I've thought about writing my thoughts out in the form of a blog but this man words resonate so much with me, it's as if he was reading my mind.

    Lynching Isn't The Metaphor That I Would Have Used But I Understand :(

    I'm awed by President Obama integrity, mindset, intellect, temperament, compassion, strength, thoughtfulness, etc.. I pray for him, his family and believe through all the hate, backstabbing, hand wringing, etc., that his enemies will become his footstool in time.

    Now maybe some with the STEPFORD herd mentality here, doesn't deem what I posted as detailed enough but that's for me to determine not them. That's why they're able to post their own whatever and give as much details of the subject as their heart content.

    "You just can't come To church and PRAY on Sunday & go out and PREY on people the rest of the week" Recited by Nancy Pelosi

    by Keeping It Real on Mon Dec 16, 2013 at 04:42:54 AM PST

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