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  •  With only 2 parties, when one stands for crazy, (1+ / 0-)
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    ... then the other party ends up attempting to represent everything else.

    That is, most of the conservative-to-liberal spectrum of coherent political thought has been rejected by the Republican party and, with nowhere else to go, it's all been absorbed into the Democratic party. Debates that should occur between parties now occur entirely within the Democratic party.

    So to some extent, the Democratic party's brand message defaults to: "We're trying to be everything they're not."

    If Americans became interested in offering practical support and participation of more than two parties, then each party could be more focused, more specialized, and offer a clearer message. The trade-off, of course, would be the challenge to voters to evaluate more options on election day.

    George Lakoff's writing about political frames inspired me to stop labeling myself an independent (who voted for Democrats) and to register as a Democrat. So I'm interested in political messages and frames. I do think the Democratic party often does a poor job of framing its messages. As other commenters have noted, however, I'd also say that we face some challenges and complexity that the right wing chooses to ignore.

    Thanks for contributing your perspective, and thanks for working to change minds in your town.


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