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  •  Love With The Proper Stranger (6+ / 0-)

    1963 Natalie Wood, Steve McQueen, Herschel Bernard, Edie Adams and a bunch of other recognizable actors.  Wood and McQueen play New York Italians (seriously).  Angie has a one night stand with Rocky, a musician.  She finds him, informs him of the pregnancy and he arranges a back alley (really it's in a back alley) abortion.  At the last minute she changes her mind, screams and he rescues her from the abortionist.   Of course (after a lot of family interference and other plot devices) he falls in love with her and proposes.

    The women in Sex In The City had a few abortions among them and did not feel guilty in the least.  I am amazed, since I was a teen and fought for reproductive rights, that we seem to be going backwards in attitude.  I assume it's because people don't remember what it was like when abortion was illegal.  There were a lot of dead women and a lot of close calls.  Hospitals were full of women with botched abortions.  

    •  Probably good to be rescued... (0+ / 0-)

      ...if she was being rescued from a back alley abortionist. Risk of death was very high.

    •  Carrie (1+ / 0-)
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      Actually, the Sex in the City episode came right to mind as the most abortion positive thing I've seen.  One of the girls keeps her baby (but is in a good position to support single motherhood, being a successful lawyer) and Carrie questions whether she did the right thing in getting an abortion in the past, only to discover it was indeed the right thing for her.  None of the characters treat abortion lightly but also feel no guilt or shame about it.

      Unfortunately that's about it.

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