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  •  Six Feet Under dealt with the issue (6+ / 0-)

    and they did it in a surprisingly balanced way. The daughter, Claire has an abortion in season 3 and goes through many stages of emotion for the remainder of the series. It doesn't destroy her, as most other shows or film tend to do, but she did go through stages of grief, demonstrating that it's not an issue that's treated so cavalierly like antichoicers try to paint women as being.

    She flirtatiously brings up her abortion in the final episode when she chides her conservative boyfriend, Ted, when she discovers that he listens to Christian rock.

    The creator of Six Feet Under, Alan Ball, reportedly is set to start writing an HBO pilot for a medical drama set at an abortion clinic. It's based on the life of George Tiller. I would really like to see a show based on this important issue. Hopefully Alan Ball can do for abortion what he did for gay relationships in Six Feet Under -- which is bring it out of the closet and depict it in a more honest way -- warts and all, and I mean from both sides, including from the side of the forced birthers. .

    •  Some people have argued ... (1+ / 0-)
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      belinda ridgewood

      ... that Claire's abortion (and other scenes related to abortion on the series) was handled in a way that actually supported anti-abortion arguments:

      The theme of abortion came up again at the end of Season Three, with Claire seeking an abortion after breaking up with Russell when he has sex with her art professor. Like much of of Six Feet Under, the scenes play out in a quiet, repressed way. But the overtones are also very heavy. The abortion clinic is depicted almost like a processing line, with girls being pushed through the assembly line one by one, and Claire opting for twilight anesthesia which allows her to forget the procedure (and allows the show to elide the actual process of the abortion).

      The ultrasound, which is actually routinely performed before an abortion to determine the stage of the pregnancy in the real world, was depicted as a grim and horrifying moment for Claire instead of a routine medical procedure.


      Later, Claire meets the product of her abortion in another dreamlike sequence, in which Nate’s now-dead wife Lisa assures Claire that she will take care of the baby. If you read these recurrent sequences with the dead in the show as the invention of the minds of the characters as an expression of their subconscious, which I do, then this scene could read as Claire constructing a soul for the baby and a caretaker for it to feel better about her actions, which suggests that she does (and perhaps should, in the eyes of the creators) feel regret over the abortion. It also carries the suggestion similar to the sequence with Nate, that the product of conception has a soul more or less immediately, and that, therefore, abortion is murder.

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      An interesting discussion.

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