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  •  Full employment is anathema to the GOP (2+ / 0-)
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    ..Excess labor is the goal and the easiest variable to control it seems because workers have less lobbying power than the corporations.   
    Resisting Republican Excess - Posted: 08/06/2013 9:51 am

    And quite contrary to contemporary Republican claims, private market forces, if left unmanaged by public policy, cannot be expected to fully fill the void left by inadequate private charity and curtailed public programs.

    Unregulated markets are not the panacea the Right would have us believe them to be: markets are only perfect allocators of resources if everyone operating inside them has equal purchasing power -- and that is certainly not how markets currently operate in unequal America.

    Not that this inequality should necessarily surprise us, for unregulated markets are great engines of both social inequality and economic instability.

     Market competition produces losers as well as winners -- so inevitably generating ever wider inequalities over time -- even as it inexorably falls victim to its own contradictions. The biggest of these is the tension in unregulated markets between the simultaneous imperatives of cheap labor and prosperous consumers.

     By seeking to restrain costs (especially labor costs) to win greater market share, each firm inevitably erodes the level of aggregate demand vital to keep levels of employment high and rising.

    Unregulated markets always settle at an equilibrium point -- the neoclassical economics so favored by Republicans is right about that -- but unregulated markets contain no way of ensuring that such an equilibrium will bring with it full employment.

    If full employment is the goal, governments have to act. A strong public welfare net and an economically-active government are not, therefore, barriers to rising and reliable prosperity for all, as Tea Party Republicans so often paint them to be. They are, on the contrary, essential prerequisites to that prosperity.

     - emphasis added

    This argument is using capitalists own arguments to demonstrate that the very market forces republicans believe necessary for the economy to reach an equilibrium prove that the "free market equilibrium" by the "conservative"/republican party  not only creates an excess labor pool but actually requires one to fulfill the goal of a "greater market share" and the bottom line: Profit

    The republicans agenda in every way seeks to lower the portion that labor receives from production.

    There is no truth. None. That the GOP agenda will ever build a stronger more prosperous middle class  workers - Not ever - it's a provable thing - so let's make sure people see that proof everywhere they look

    Thx MB

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