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  •  14th admendment (0+ / 0-)

    The problem with repeal of the 14th admendment, all part of seem to be hated by the conservatives, is that it's won't solve the problem of entitlement and the aristocracy.  Right now we have CEOs who say that they don't have to pay taxes because they don't take anything, even though their employees live on food stamps, take roads and public transport to work, and their customers only exist because an extremely complex social construct has been built up over generations.

    We have kids playing 'build a startup' in San Fransisco who feel they do not need to pay for the infrastructure, because, again, they are not takers.  The infrasture, they feel, is thiers to use as they wish, it is an entitlement that someone else, maybe those lazy people being evicted, could pay for if only they got a real job instead of being poor.

    This repeal is just mean because it targets hard working immigrants and assumes that those with parents born in the US deserve the free lunch.  Of course there are many exceptions, but the GOP is targeting immigrants it think are the cause of the problem, which is the reduction of white entitlement.

    If the GOP wanted to be fair, they could say no one gets citizenship until certain benchmarks are met.  For instance one has to complete a master degree, or be vested by paying 20 years of taxes, or completing 10 years of military or civil service, or the like.  Instead of picking on the immigrants who built the infrastructure that lets us all enjoy a high standard of living, make those rules applicable to everyone.

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