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View Diary: Falling Through the Cracks: My Healthcare Marketplace Story (35 comments)

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  •  Do you share a home with another adult? (0+ / 0-)

    Someone mentioned it above, but it bears repeating: counts the income of everyone in the household.  That could possibly be why.

    Outside of that, it's very puzzling that you don't qualify for Medicaid.  That may be a function of asshats at the state level - they set the rules for who qualifies.

    You can do what I did, go to Humana's web site (or the site of another insurance company) and shop their plans - they have some high-deductible plans which might be more affordable.

    •  Roommates don't count (2+ / 0-)
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      HeyMikey, NinetyWt

      If you're sharing an apartment with some unrelated roommate, their income doesn't count for your insurance.

      The diarist should be qualifying for Medicaid when it starts up (in April). He should go to a navigator and figure out what is going on.

      I suspect he isn't getting any premium subsidy because he earns less than 138% of poverty, and he isn't eligible for Medicaid YET because the Medicaid expansion doesn't start until the spring in Michigan.

      And whoever he talked to on the phone doesn't understand the full situation.

    •  I considered your suggestion (high deductible) (2+ / 0-)
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      NinetyWt, annecros

      But then it dawned on me... if I pay an insurance company 200.00 for a measly coverage and should I have any need, I then pay on top of that say 4000.00 deductible just so they will pay say 60%? Of which now I could not continue to pay the hospital AND the insurance...

      So considering this risk, I concede, to pay whatever I need to give for my penalty for not being able to afford insurance support AND I can still help the family members who took a big hit during the financial windfall of 2008.

      Might as well go with herbs and stay prepared for accepting my own fate, rather than leaving my family in high and maybe unrecoverable debt.

      I too am a permanent fixture of the crack. BUT I am very thankful for this ACA, I promote it, it is an awesome necessary start! I recommend it. Participate everyone who is able!

      And yet, I hope to one day see Health CARE for all instead of health insurance for all.


      •  A couple of reasons (0+ / 0-)

        One is that you can pay small medical bills. But even a short hospital stay will be tens of thousands of dollars. Should that happen, you'd be wiped out.

        And the second is, with insurance you get negotiated prices. Your doctor will charge you $250 for a visit, or something like that, if you are uncovered. But for that same visit, if you had insurance, your insurance company would only be charged $90, or something like that, because your insurance company already has a deal with your doctor about the price of an office visit. Maybe you'd be able to negotiate your $250 down, but maybe you wouldn't.

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