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  •  But the thing about drug use like that (1+ / 0-)
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    is that it can be a byproduct of a mental health state that most experts probably wouldn't describe as "healthy." I mean sure there are probably the occasional partier who gets blackout drunk when they drink, but true alcoholics are more likely to be those who are depressed and essentially self-medicating.

    That and psychology studies have demonstrated that what we define as willpower is a limited quantity. Sure it's better to face your problems head on, but not everyone or probably even most people can do that. Then you have the fact that drugs like heroin itself are highly chemically addicting where you'll go into horrible withdrawal symptoms and it becomes hard or impossible for many to stop by themselves.

    I think the first step to treating the negative impacts of drug use is to A) decriminalize everything so we can stop throwing non-violent offenders into jail and creating hardened criminals/destroying future job prospects for millions of people and B) to make mental healthcare a human right and along with physical healthcare fully fund it through taxes and promote it particularly in poorer communities. The 2nd one of course could plausibly happen under a single payer, the 1st one is a tough sell for drugs like heroin but it makes about as much sense to punish addicts as it does to prosecute prostitutes. All it does is destroy those people's lives even further.

    Really what I'm getting at is that a lot of our drug epidemic is a symptom of other public policy issues such as a shitty economy in places like eastern Kentucky making prescription pill use look a whole lot more attractive than they would in eastern Connecticut.

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