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View Diary: Facebook HQ Will Become Home To World's Largest AI Lab. What Could Go Wrong? (w/Key Update!) (92 comments)

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  •  There an old saying in AI research (7+ / 0-)

    before we get Artificial Intelligence, we must first produce artificial stupidity.  I think we are just beginning to see artificial stupidity become a reality.

    On another note.  Of the things I worry about, Facebook AI is way down on the list...for the simple reason that Google is fucking years ahead on that one.  

    One of the little things that Google has done (partly for their translation services) is scan every fucking book they can get their hands on.  Translation is the first step of Google's AI plan.  All that said, Google AI still sucks.  As proof, log onto googke and look at the ads they suggest for you.  Most of the time they are stupid. are where google makes a shit-ton of money.  Any advances in AI will first show up in their ad selections.

    The AI apocalypse is coming, but for right now it doesn't look like much more than keyword searches.

    "Empty vessels make the loudest sound, they have the least wit and are the greatest blabbers" Plato

    by Empty Vessel on Mon Dec 16, 2013 at 05:55:49 PM PST

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