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  •  But it won't be fixed. I have dealt with this (6+ / 0-)

    stuff during the years my husband has been in the military, during his fight for VA benefits.  Once you lose a benefit, it is never, ever given back.  They will go after military healthcare next.  Tricare is already in their sites.  We better not be blindsided by this, it is in the works now, I have heard rumors that scare the hell out of me.  Like huge increase in cost of tricare prime for retirees, especially if they live far from a military base.  And increased co-pays.  It will hurt us even more financially if they do that.  I also worry about VA benefits, so far I haven't heard anything there but how long before that is in their sites?  I am truely worried that we are all about to get screwed by congress and the president is just going to let it happen.  Both sides of the political spectrum are willing to do this from what I see and have heard.

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