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  •  First, they pick a group of people, say... (1+ / 0-)
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    All workers especially blue collar. Yes. Wrong group, whether it be military or not it's the wrong group to be comparing anything. Pay, retirement package, benefits etc.

    Divide and conquer, keeping workers fighting and competing amongst themselves and the focus off where the excess and unearned extravagance occurs  

    That focus pits one working group against another, when, if the goal is improving the workers lot, the focus should be more like; 'hey a wallstreeter gets 300 times the pay a golden parachute after fraction of the years on the job with no personal danger and taxpayer bail out for doing a shitty job'

    Look to where the excessive pay is going to set the bar, not where reduced pay is the comparison or "race to the bottom" who's got it worse off.

    Demand what one deserves no matter what that is. The greater the danger and responsibility along with the shorter the career should be factored in and that should be compared to the pay and retirement in the most spoiled rotten "careers" - those in High Finance - where the enormous waste and rip-offs are happening as the norm.

    If a comparison must be made at all that is in order to get a fair paycheck

    I mention High finance not because the way to negotiate for compensation should be comparison but that if a comparison is made it should focus on where the greatest disparity in pay and unearned perks is happening -  finance - not amongst workers, whose pay has been stagnant for years.

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