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    Civilians, well some of them, take a very 'tut tut' view of military service and especially military pay. In their view, a military life is easily compared to, for example, working at Wal-Mart or manning the help desk. These are the sorts of views that cause people to say 'hey...I make crap at my shit job sitting on my fat ass in an office park all day. Why should some guy facing machine gun fire halfway across the world getter better pay and retirement benefits than me?!'
    Maybe this is true but I have literally never met anyone of any political persuasion express anything like this.  On the contrary,  my sense is that it is taken as a given in our society that military work, quite aside from the separation from home and family that it requires, is very hard on its people AND that it is extremely low paying given all of that.  

    There are,  of course,  all types of people in the world with all sorts of objectionable opinions. I take you at your word that there are a bunch of people around who need to be addressed in this way.  But as a civilian who meets and talks with plenty of other civilians every single day of my life about all sorts of things,  I just have no idea of who these people are and I sincerely doubt that they represent some significant political block that is effecting the social discourse around military pay.

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