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View Diary: Worse Than The Stasi: How The Corporate State is Turning Citizens Into Spies (300 comments)

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    Finally, one recurring counter-argument I often hear when I call attention to these issues is that the situation isn't that bad, that I'm being hyperbolic, that if we really lived in a police state I (and others) would not be able to write about this things.

    My take on those arguments is that sometimes people do need to be hit with the proverbial (or real) two-by-four in order to wake up to certain realities.  They would walk to their front window, look at the quiet street, the beautiful trees, and the chirping birds and say, "Nope, no police state or jack-booted thugs out there, so RP is  just blowing smoke!"

    Folks, as fellow kosack bobswern often points out, we're talking about turn-key totalitarianism (or fascism).  The ruling elite is building this cage all around us, almost in plain view.  I argue that unless we confront this situation head-on, now, at some point the mask will come off and the system will reveal its true nature.  They are building this fascistic infrastructure because they intent to use it.

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