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View Diary: Sen. Warren and 6 others introduce bill barring employers from rejecting job seekers for bad credit (224 comments)

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    If you're an employer (I'll concede with at least x number of employees) - you should have to prove that you're not discriminating. How do we enforce it? With frequent, random, unannounced audits.

    Before anyone screams "Law and Order!" or "Constitution!" - everybody chillax!! Enforcement agencies would still bear the burden of showing evidence of wrongdoing, but these frequent audits would make it a lot harder for employers to conceal discriminatory behavior. The point is to plant the seed in the minds of HR managers and other hiring personnel that the next person sitting across from them at their desk could be a "secret shopper". Also, enforcement agencies would have the right to inspect records.

    Remember the numerous studies showing employers are much less likely to give an interview to someone with a "black sounding" name than one with a "white sounding" name, even when the same two candidates are equally or similarly qualified? If enforcement of current non-discrimination law were as I described, those companies would be in a lot of hot water.

    In addition, the CFPB or EEOC can set up a hotline for people to report companies that conduct credit checks.

    liberal bias = failure to validate or sufficiently flatter the conservative narrative on any given subject

    by RockyMtnLib on Wed Dec 18, 2013 at 08:04:28 AM PST

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