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    we can't find anything nearly that nice. In fact we've found it as expensive as the plan at work which we could not afford and did not use. Yours would be too good to be true for us. I should say the Mrs. I'm on S.S. She is the same age as you, do you still work? Subsidies have been no help. She will be not covered and pay the fine.

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      portlandzoo, Amber6541

      I'm self-employed, a freelance editor, and my income took a big nosedive when the recession hit. So my AGI was only around $18,000-19,000 the past couple years--and these were good years compared with 2008-2010! That's why I qualified for a good subsidy. That AGI is actually too high for me to qualify for MediCal (CA's version of Medicaid), but I was happy about that, because I'd rather have regular insurance, as some providers around here don't accept MediCal. This way I'm not limited like I would be with that.

      My other real option with affordable payments and reasonable deductible would have cost $74 a month but have a $500 deductible and slightly lower out-of-pocket, and I considered it because of the lower deductible until I realized it was an EPO, which doesn't cover anything out of network and requires a primary care physician's referral to go to a specialist. The one I chose is a PPO and will cover a percentage if I go out of network, and I can go to any doctor I want to without a referral.

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        What is up with patient 'referrals' to see another doctor?
        This is SO nanny corp and micromanaging.

        I thought the Right-wing was all against micromanaging, or is that only when they aren't doing the micromanaging?

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