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    I found a movie called XXy
    To be helpful although the character here is a hermaphrodite,  It deals with the whole "which sex, am I issue". Which coincides with transgender.

    I think I knew a transgender or a person confused about their gender. They never openly told me outright, that they were transgender. The clues I got were things this person showed me and also the psychological issues this person faced.
    one of the clues was self mutilation of the male genitals websites..   This is a person who I believed they were more woman than man but stuck in a mans or mostly mans body, who hated their male physical portions of their anatomy.

    My ignorance is how, do they want to be addressed as a person, because what I see physically, may not be the same as what they see of themselves. AND its a case by case basis   as in the XXY movie where the person wanted to be themselves which in that case was both sexes.

    I wish to address them in a manor of their choosing but I can not due that till they tell me how they wish to be addressed. Thus my ignorance.

    I can read about transgender and have read about it in a medical sense, to try to, get over my ignorance, but the medical aspect is such a small part of the whole person.

    I know the person, I was friends with, struggled with suicide and self mutilations, due to lack of self understanding and lack of acceptance and understanding and acceptance by all those around this person.

    Wishful thinking here...
    wish society (us homo sapiens) could openly accept any who are different, with exceptions of those who wish to harm others out of "in it for them selves" or "out of enjoyment to inflict harm".

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