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View Diary: Elizabeth Warren gives every Democrat the narrative they need to win. Listen up! (211 comments)

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  •  When things are life and death (2+ / 0-)
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    elwior, high uintas

    choosing least worse options are almost always the best choice. I can't think, in live or die circumstances, of an example where the least worse option (say, less people die) isn't arguably the best.

    I think the issue is that many of you do not accept or deny that a REpublican President, especially with a Rep Congress (which has at least double digit possibility iirc) will end up killing many more Americans.

    I can't help thinking if it was clear to many of you that, say, Reps get in power and a certain number of people get a bullet in the head, my argument might hold more weight. Imagine also that bullet was directed at your own family.

    We are making that choice for the people who have the bullet pointing at themselves and at their families and many think, possibly subconsciously. Maybe people are thinking  "oh maybe if the Reps win they wont' shoot people as they promised" so the many tangible attributes of my own position outweight any increased risk of a Rep winning the Presidency."

    I think that's where many are coming from. They don't fully want to understand that Rep Presidency will kill people.

    This isnt' insulting--it's hard for me to believe that Dems here would choose death for thousands in order to cling to their valid ideology. (which by the way is my own).

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