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  •  Agreed-We are in No way part (2+ / 0-)
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    greenbell, MPociask

    of any of the celebrity pols considerations. When was the Last time any of them voiced concern toward any of the 98% and Didn't turn around and Vote the Opposite way?

    Hell, MSM rarely acknowledges the peasants opinion.
    Our money and at this juncture-perhaps our votes may not be needed. They'll get who "they" want and we can simply "Embrace the Suck" if we don't like it!

    We've had a Bush, two Clinton Terms-Two more Bush terms and two more "Clinton/Bush" terms...Now we're looking at TPP TATP, TITP and god only knows what else we Don't know about yet....

    If we want change--we're not collectively investing much more than talk into making it happen, now are we?
    We get lost in the rhetoric and some of the finest speeches we've ever heard-and while we're busy doing that-they're busy working on "self-enrichment projects" ;)

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