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View Diary: Who's Looking Out for the Rich Kids? (6 comments)

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  •  Rich kids have to fend for themselves (3+ / 0-)

    Like the 16yo up for vehicular homicide for killing 4 people and injuring 2 others while having a blood alcohol count of over 2.0.  Poor kid had no one to rally for him and so was sentenced to a posh rehab center where he is forced to undergo massage, yoga, horseback riding, tennis and other extreme forms of punishment.  It only costs $450K per year so anyone can afford to send their kid there and after all, all he did was to lose control of an F-350 and plow into a group of people around a stalled car.

    I note the father has had 23 criminal charges filed against him such as assault and theft by check among others.  All cases were dropped before trial so this proves that rich people really require special treatment.  If his father were poor, I am sure the cops would have never have arrested him and given him a record.

    This is the same way I assume that if the kid had been a poor illegal immigrant (I am just channeling how the pundits will spin this) driving while drunk underage and ran over the same people, he would have been kept in a nice taxpayer financed facility with hots and cots until he was 21.  Then the government would buy him an apartment and give him a check every month (hey listen to Alex Jones sometimes if you think I am exaggerating)

    GOP wants to reinstate poor houses and workhouses.  We have already seen people being locked up for bad debts, which was something our Founding Fathers specifically found offensive and odious.  So this is the next logical step to make poor kids work for their food instead of hiring their parents and giving them jobs so they can buy their kids' lunches themselves and give them the chance for a little dignity.

    But then the poor don't deserve dignity............

    (Please turn on your snark meters before reading all of the above)  

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