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  •  It's not an excuse (5+ / 0-)

    but it can be a doorway to understanding.  I think that is the diarist's point and I tend to agree.  I think there is a big difference between banal ignorance and blind ignorance (or bigotry).  For example, I was raised hearing the expressions "Indian giver" and "gyped."  The derisiveness of the first comment was apparent on its face and I questioned it.  The second term I never questioned because there was no direct connection to me as a child.  I never used the term post-high school and it was only as an adult that I realized its derivation.  Granted, this guy's comment is much bigger than my childish ignorance, but I think the same principle applies.  We are acculturated into certain ways of speaking and thinking and too often don't question them simply because most people don't have the impulse to question things.

    I am a gay man who would be willing to give this guy a pass if it were merely an unthinking statement and he were amenable to having his perspective broadened.  I assure you that I have had this experience over the course of my life, including with family, so I am able to discern the difference between ignorance and hostility.  I have never demanded that people accept or embrace me as  gay man, but I do demand that they respect my right to live as I choose.  Accordingly, I offer that same level of respect to others.  

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