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View Diary: UT-Sen: Jim Matheson (D) Seriously Considering Running Against Mike Lee (R) In 2016 (11 comments)

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  •  I wish him well (0+ / 0-)

    but if he can't hold his own district as an incumbent, the most favorable for Dems in Utah, how is he going to take the state?

    •  His "district" is the most gerrymandered (8+ / 0-)

      mess possible.  Seriously, take a look.  Salt Lake City (the one bastion of liberals in the state) got split into all 4 districts.  I honestly didn't know I was no longer in his district until I got into the voting booth.  I'd previously checked to see whose district I was in, and was told my zipcode was Matheson's.  Turned out my zipcode is split between Stewart and Matheson.
      That said, Matheson has seriously pissed off his democratic base here by consistently voting like a teabagger.  I can't stand Lee, but if Matheson wants to win, he needs to fire up the SLC liberal base and get them interested in hitting the voting booth on his behalf.

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      by middleagedhousewife on Thu Dec 19, 2013 at 09:41:11 AM PST

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      •  Considering He's been voting just like Lee (2+ / 0-)

        On PPACA and the government shutdown etc… dude still needs to create some contrast. Nor to mention to announce this retirement from the house too late for any Dem to get up to speed on any fundraising. This was kind of a dick move on his part. That said here is Luz Robles, who is running against Stewart. Toss her some love

        I've been doing some volunteer work for her campaign field manager. We could use a team leader up in your neighborhood ;^) hint hint...

    •  The one thing you can say for Matheson (2+ / 0-)
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      middleagedhousewife, Matt Z

      is that he HAS been able to hold his seat as an incumbent after first winning it in 2000, thru two rounds of targeted redistricting by Republicans.  The seat he has held went 30.7% for Gore, 31.4% for Kerry, 39.6% for Obama in '08, and 30.4% for Obama in '12.  At that level of partisan lean, a few more percent in presidential numbers is almost irrelevant.  Matheson is his own (his family's actually) brand in the state.  In 2004, against a repeat challenger who'd come within 2000 votes in 2002, he won by 12 points as Bush took 67% in the district, in 2006 he won by 22 points, in 2008 he won by 28 points, in 2010 in the worst national climate of our generation, he won the general by about 5 points AFTER getting primaried.

      Also, you can expect demographic improvement for Matheson as seniors die, and particularly as minors acheive majority.  In a state with the highest fraction of 5-17 y.o.'s in the country, that's non-trivial.

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      by benamery21 on Thu Dec 19, 2013 at 10:19:11 AM PST

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