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    for real.  Here in Indiana, the former Sup. of Pub. Instruction Tony Bennett pushed for a series of "reforms" that ALEC latter packaged for export to other states as the Indiana Education Reform Package. He actually, while still superintendent, went to ALEC's  2011 States and Nation meeting in Phoenix in order to shill for the whole bit.

    The "reforms" were deeply controversial, and Bennett lost the election in a major upset. Glenda Ritz is the first Democrat to hold the office in 40 years, and the only one elected statewide in Indiana.  After Bennet left office, it became apparent that there had been problems under his administration.  The biggest was a massive cheating scandal in which he altered school grading formula in order to improve the ratings of big-dollar donors to his campaign. By this time, Bennett had moved on to an appointed position as the head of Florida schools.  The scandal back home in Indiana forced Bennet to resign his position in Florida.  No worries for Bennett, though.  Even though he's facing new ethics charges related to the diversion of state resources for his campaign, he still has managed to land on his feet scoring a sweet consultant gig developing college entry test for ACT.  Makes sense in a perverse way.  After all, the man does seem to know a lot about cheating.

    Pissed that he can't control Ritz, Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has established a second, appointed, board of education, and has been diverting control over state resources, and state education policy, out of the hands of the elected Superintendent to this appointed board.

    by ManfromMiddletown on Fri Dec 20, 2013 at 07:01:26 AM PST

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