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View Diary: FEC prepared remarks (22 comments)

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  •  Today's lineup (none)
    Panel 4:
    Robert F. Bauer, Perkins Coie
    Reid Alan Cox, Center for Individual Freedom
    Laurence E. Gold, AFL-CIO

    Panel 5:
    Jim Boulet, Jr., English First
    Mark Jakulski, Student, Widener University School of Law
    Kristinn Taylor, Free Republic, LLC

    Panel 6:
    Michael Bassik, The Online Coalition
    Duncan Black, Eschaton (
    Trevor Potter, The Campaign Legal Center
    Karl J. Sandstrom, OMB Watch

    It is widely anticipated that Armando will break in sometime between panels 5 and 6 with an Uzi and off Brad Smith.

    Piss off Frank Luntz: don't use Republican issue frames like "Social Security crisis."

    by DC Pol Sci on Wed Jun 29, 2005 at 05:57:42 AM PDT

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