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View Diary: The "American Indian" Problem - Low High School Graduation Rates and High Dropout Rates (17 comments)

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  •  A nicely scientific assessment of the problem to (4+ / 0-)

    be studied.  My non-scientific, intuitive suggestion as to one possibility would fall under the 'teaching is not just teaching' umbrella.  I would suppose that, like nursing, teaching needs to have a cultural competency component.  Teachers who don't understand the nuances of how specific populations (in this case NA) learn cannot effectively teach those populations.  If one size fits all is a failure even among largely homogenous groups, just think of how badly it will fit groups who were never even considered when designing curricula.

    Native Americans remain 'the Invisible People' in the US.  While teachers have worked to be more inclusive of other peoples of colour in creating lesson plans, I would be surprised to find that same amount of care given to reworking lessons to work for Native American learners.

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