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      At least try to make it like you attempted to understand. The lemon water in the morning is not the diet. It's about the liver. Richard Simmons promoted, backed by science, the same thing. Google it.

      The Joe guy from "Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead" succinctly explained it. Everything his body nutritionally needs, actually more, is in the juice. The energy his body needs is in his waist. Losing weight is not just about losing fat. There are toxins bound to the fat which need to be safely eliminated from the body. The body must be given the supplies it needs to safely eliminate the toxins. This process is the "fast." Some refer to it as "cleansing" which I find a little queasy.

      I don't want people to take me at my word. Get a grip. I'm an unknown on the Internet. Try it. 10 days on a juice "fast." I say "fast" because I drank whenever I felt hungry and it's not the diet for one's lifetime. It's a diet to get into a better perspective to control what we put into our bodies. A person addicted to sugar is not in a position to determine his or her best diet, nor is he or she in a position to succeed without exception willpower.

      It amazes me that people think drinking fresh vegetable juice is unhealthy or unsafe whereas scoffing down the latest low-fat, sodium and sugar laden franken-food out of the chem lab is considered healthy. Granted there are pesticide and bacterial concerns which can be reduced by choosing organic produce and thorough washing. If consuming vegetables is bad, what are the alternatives other than hand wringing? Then go away and do some research. Come back with what you find. I'm going to stop before I go into well deserved ad-homs for absolutely poor, being generous, advice on nutrition.

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        Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead and I enjoyed it quite a bit.  But there are other methods of dieting.  I noticed in the video both of those guys were consulting with a doctor.

        And I remember also, when the one guy's brother had a heart attack, the doctors told him NOT to do the juice fast, but drink some juice was good, but not only the juice.

        Did you really do a 100 day juice fast?

        Republicans: Taking the country back ... to the 19th century

        by yet another liberal on Sun Dec 22, 2013 at 10:36:52 PM PST

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          As always, the correct answer is do what works for the best of all, including the individual. Or your own personal answer.

          My initial post was facetious to some degree. 100 days is arbitrary from my perspective. I have no basis for choosing that time frame other than it is what one individual claims to have experienced. For some it may be less, for others it may be more. Everyone matters, not my inability to identify everyone or their needs. Although identifying the latter would be a good thing.

          The juice "fast" is about getting into a position where healthy life choices are easier than poor choices. It's not about purity. Maintaining a juice "fast" is not the desired outcome. As you have pointed out, there is more to food.

          I'm preparing to do a 60 day, that is gathering recipes for green juices. I've done 10 days to see if the idea was bunk. I drank what I call "bloody" mean green juice. I added red beets and upped the kale. In those 10 days, my energy levels and attention most definitely rose. Would this have happened if I had just fasted? I don't know since I didn't do a control. Just as the DFH were onto something 50 years ago, I'm leaning towards these Dietary F'ing H's are onto something as well. Yes, some are charlatans.

          All I can say is don't be afraid to experiment and learn what works for you.

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