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View Diary: Review group recommends curbs to NSA (66 comments)

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  •  I'm not optimistic (4+ / 0-)

    So far I have read about half-way through the report and should finish-up tomorrow.

    What I have read so far I would categorize as:

    (a) treating symptoms not disease

    (b) small chunks of red meat apparently intended to placate critics in the advocacy and IT communities, neither of which will bite

    (d) headline grabbers that seem to be intended as a diversionary tactic since there is close to zero chance of adoption, like appointing a civilian head, which we know won't happen in a military organization and would fix nothing, but give CNN et al something to chew on

    An interesting counter-point is the revelation NSA spent much time spying on terrorist organizations like Unesco and  Médecins du Monde, work essential to their mission of protecting America and her allies, bla, bla, bla ...

    •  I'm not interested in this administration's "fix" (1+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      J M F

      Reform has to come from the outside, the NSA operates like a criminal gang and should be treated as such.

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