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View Diary: Congress passes military sexual assault reforms, but stops short of Gillibrand measure (75 comments)

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  •  for those that object (4+ / 0-)

    Recall the recent case where an officer solicited the services of another military member rather than doing his duty and reporting the pimp and the prostitution organization.   He was only demoted, and is being allowed to potentially complete the final three years of his 20 year service at which point the taxpayer will be obligated to fund the rest of his life.

    Now, many would say he made one mistake, paying to have sex with a fellow military member, but there are some mistakes that are so bonehead, so unnecessary, so damaging to morale that I hardly see why we should be so forgiving.  We do not employ military members to serve the sexual needs of other military members, and those who think that women are there for personal pleasures of officers really do not need to be an employee of the taxpayer.

    I mean if another government employee say even just got a blowjob while at work, many conservatives in congress would be crying for a billion dollar investigation and make every effort to terminate the employment.  So why go easy on people who contract with the people explicitly states that they will be honorable.

    •  What would you have done? (0+ / 0-)

      Here are the results of the case:

      FORT HOOD (December 3, 2013) Testimony concluded Tuesday in the court-martial of a Fort Hood master sergeant accused of using a prostitution service involving senior NCOs and female soldiers.

      Master Sgt. Brad Grimes, a 17-year veteran who served in both Iraq and Afghanistan, was charged in June and officials confirmed his case is linked to the investigation of another soldier accused of pandering.

      Grimes was found guilty of conspiring to patronize a prostitute and solicitation to commit adultery late Tuesday evening by a military panel.

      Grimes, who is married, was acquitted of patronizing a prostitute and committing adultery.

      The panel sentenced Grimes to be reprimanded and reduced to the grade of E-7.

      The case arose from an investigation of a lower-level coordinator of the post’s Sexual Assault and Harassment Prevention Program.

      A non-commissioned officer involved in the program recruited female soldiers for the prostitution ring, the Army said.

      So in this case someone was found guilty  of"conspiring to patronize a prostitute and solicitation to commit adultery"  For that he was effectively given a $10,000 fine and faces possible discharge.  We are holding boards right now to decided who should be asked to leave the service.  The low hanging fruit is anyone with derogatory information.  I think this counts.  Now he MIGHT make it to retirement but might not.  In any case, please show me anywhere in civilian life where simply ATTEMPTING to purchase sex gets you a huge fine a possible loss of job?  How many states even have adultery on the books as an offense?  If only we held US Senators to the same standard......

      It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it. Robert E. Lee

      by ksuwildkat on Fri Dec 20, 2013 at 08:28:06 AM PST

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      •  teaching (0+ / 0-)

        A teacher is a taxpayer funded position.  As such, the rules are different.  Attempting to have sex with an adult, paid or unpaid, can get you fired. The rules are higher than civilian life because one voluntarily accepted those higher standards.  Holding a military person or a teacher to lower standards than civilian is simply insulting.  We accept the challenge to be better, otherwise we would just be corporate drones where we could drink and buy sex and take naughty pictures at will.

         If one is not willing to accept the higher standard, then absolutely move to civilian life.  No one is stopping anyone from doing that.  In previous posts commenters have stating moving out of the military is ridiculously easy, no matter what papers are signed, which has been given as a reason why all the women who cry rape are whiners.  They can just leave if they can't fit in.

        Now, if you want hold the military to civilian standards, then let do that absolutely.  Let's have yearly reviews where the bottom 20% are encouraged to leave, and can be fired without cause.  Let military be vested after 5 or ten years, but only be allowed to collect only half the pension at 55 and have to wait until 65 to collect the full pension.  Let them have to shop at normal stores with no subsidies.  Absolutely, I would love to hold the military to civilian standards.

        •  I absolutely agree (0+ / 0-)

          And in fact SFC Grimes was held to a higher standard.  But you seemed to want more.  I asked what you would have done.  You didnt answer.

          Your teacher example would be apt except for one thing - we are charged this person for CONSPIRING.  In fact we charged him with a thought crime.  He WANTED to hire someone for sex.  This is akin to someone losing their job for walking through a red light district with a wad of cash.  Now I would hate to see us get to that in the civilian world.  THought crime?  Really?  On the other hand, I know EXACTLY what SFC Grimes should have done when he heard about the availability of sex for money inside his unit.  But its much harder to prove a negative - that he failed to do the right thing - than to go after him for something much easier to prove - thinking about it.  Why?  Because he ADMITTED that he thought about it.  So that is what he was charged with.  

          Believe me, the bottom 20% are getting the axe every day.  Fired without cause should never be a good thing.  As for vesting, it would be a very very very bad thing if we had any form of retirement before 20.  But that is a different issue.

          It is well that war is so terrible -- lest we should grow too fond of it. Robert E. Lee

          by ksuwildkat on Fri Dec 20, 2013 at 08:52:53 AM PST

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