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View Diary: Lengthy Analysis of Bush's 6/28/05 Speech (77 comments)

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    He continued with his standard line about, "If the generals on the ground say we need more troops, I'll send more troops."

    Soj hit the nail on the head- all the people who have said that have suddenly "retired."  The DSM's are proof that the administration had an agenda for war since way before the invasion began.  They stopped at nothing to wage that war, including fixing the intelligence to make a better case for themselves.  Bottom line, if you fail to speak the Administration's sound bytes, then find a new job.  I wonder how long it will take for General Abizaid to "retire" after failing to back up the Cheney/Rumsfeld BS in front of the Senate?

    On a lighter note- my 6 year old daughter just got a hermit crab from her aunt.  It is really mean and tries to pinch all the other crabs in the tank.  My daughter named him Rumsfeld!!!!!  My 4 year old also proudly claims, "George Bush is a stupid hillbilly."

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