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View Diary: Texas Republican's newest plan: Secede first, decide whether to kill the gays afterwards (153 comments)

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    Texas seceding from the U.S. on my long as they allow dual all of the millions and millions of sane, compassionate and rational thinking Texas leave the state first and/or give them dual citizenship.

    It used to be my thinking that we should encourage Texas to secede because the rest of us would be better off. However, that is not very compassionate toward the many millions and millions of sane people who live in that state who are completely unrepresentative by their misrepresentatives in Texas state government.

    If only there were a way for just the crackpots to secede and leave everyone else.

    Here's an idea...all of the crazies should be encouraged to move to West Texas...then...allow West Texas to secede from Texas and the United States....then the nutjobs would be happy with their own authoritarian country and all of the sane Texans can stay with the U.S. Might that be a  win-win scenario for everyone?

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