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View Diary: Federal judge strikes down Utah's gay marriage ban (142 comments)

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  •  Funny add to the UT circuit.. (2+ / 0-)
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    3-2 Dem-GOP District Judges
    3-1 Dem-GOP Senior Judges

    This actually was a court there, if the odds went the right way and they drew a Dem judge, that the Good Guys might get a victory.  The tricky part was whether they got an older, less liberal/progressive on gay rights Carter/Clinton judge.  But it's likely that with the positive rulings around the country, and SCOTUS knocking down DOMA, that a decent % of our Carter/Clinton judges still on the carious courts are leaning in the direction of the Good Guys.

    Secondary note: one of the remaining GOP District Judges is retiring in January.  This court could go 4-1 Dem for District Judges.

    Elections have consequences.  BO & Harry need to fill every last vacancies on every level in all the courts before 2014 is done.  Since very little legislation will get done, it should be the primary focus of the Senate next year.

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