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View Diary: Freedom of Speech does NOT mean "Freedom from Criticism" (27 comments)

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  •  I read an article of The Atlantic (8+ / 0-)

    website written by a social conservative about this. It was the same contention that a majority of Christians believe this. You can't expect them to change their beliefs. That was a time when a majority of Christians believed that there was nothing wrong with slavery. I grew up in the Jim Crow south when a majority of Christians believed that segregation was God's law. There are some Christians that probably still believe this but they wouldn't dare say it in public. Most of them have actually changed their beliefs on the subject. They will in time change their beliefs on the other issues such as LGBT rights and the right to reproductive choice that are undergoing broad social change. In the meantime, you are right. They don't have a right to be free from criticism.

    •  I'm not sure how many white Christians in the (5+ / 0-)

      South actually changed their views on race, and how many of them have simply died off in the years since, being replaced by people with more modern views.  And let's not forget that there's been a lot of people moving into the South who grew up elsewhere and weren't a part of the segregationist culture.

      As for the White people who did grow up there, like Robertson, I note that in the same interview he claims that Blacks were happier under segregation, which tells you a lot about Robertson and nothing about Blacks.

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