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  •  Yeah -- I DO hate the crass commercialism (3+ / 0-)
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    JeffW, LinSea, congenitalefty

    of the holidays.  AND I hate it the rest of the year, too.  It's shallow, superficial materialism that impresses NO ONE, enslaves many to credit card companies and financial institutions, and ruins futures for millions of children who should have had smarter parents.

    THAT'S the part that makes me hate the holiday edition so much MORE -- the "parents".  They show their 'love' for their kids by spoiling them one day a year, and neglecting them 365.

    My family doesn't partake of this commercialized paganism; when the time comes that I CAN do something nice for my kids (tax time), I DO it -- for example, I bought my daughter an early birthday gift last March, gave it to her around Memorial Day (her birthday was five days ago); I bought her a new, higher quality BIKE that she can ride around with me on!  She's been pedaling since she was 2-3, and has little interest in a driver's license.

    I don't get extravagant with my giving to my kids, I make it COUNT.  I can't do it year-round, so I do what I CAN most of the time, and what I WANT once a year.  But it's not driven by commercials, fashions, trends, or the latest crap from the latest celebrities.

    I guess I'm one of the WORST consumers in America; go ahead, GOPigs, TELL me I'm tearing down the fabric of this great capitalist nation.  SOMEBODY needs to poke a hole in it........

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