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View Diary: “Queer” Is Not Just A Synonym For “Gay.” (67 comments)

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  •  I personally am way out on the hetero rim (2+ / 0-)
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    Wee Mama, sfbob

    of the bell.  I knew I was straight before I was old enough to know there were options, and I cannot recall ever being turned on by a female of the species.  One of my best friends won my heart forever when he told me he understood that one perfectly.

    That being said, I have no problem with other people's sexuality, whatever it may be.  As long as they don't come out with the "How do you know if you haven't tried it?"  I know.  I am not interested in "trying it".

    The ones who have tried to push the point after that have found out just how sharp my tongue can be - and this isn't even something I consider worth getting angry about.

    I do wish more people understood that they really can't define for anyone else what that person is allowed to feel.  There are quite a few people who no longer show up on DKos who would likely still be here if they hadn't got the short end of that particular stick.

    Strength and dignity are her clothing, she rejoices at the days to come; She opens her mouth with wisdom, and the law of kindness is on her tongue.

    by loggersbrat on Sun Dec 22, 2013 at 03:58:01 PM PST

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