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View Diary: “Queer” Is Not Just A Synonym For “Gay.” (67 comments)

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  •  Doesn't erotic attraction (0+ / 0-)

    come with physical arousal by definition?  Does one experience physical arousal without erotic attraction (excluding coersion)?  I'm trying to understand the distinction you are making.  

    •  There is the walking down the street (0+ / 0-)

      sort of arousal from just looking at a total stranger that you know nothing about. There is a more indirect form of attraction that can lead to arousal in sharing pleasant and affectionate experiences with a person who might not knock you over walking down the street.

      Sexual relations as such don't really work between people who are just good friends, but there is more than one way to arrive at a destination.

      The brain works at different levels. The mid brain where the limbic system is located is the old evolutionary mamalian brain. It is the source of sudden reactions like flight or flight. The cerebral cortex has its own routes to erotic sensations.  

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