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View Diary: “Queer” Is Not Just A Synonym For “Gay.” (67 comments)

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  •  I've always been uncomfortable with the strict (2+ / 0-)
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    Richard Lyon, Brown Thrasher

    choice/'born this way' dichotomy.
    I myself did not/could not choose my sexuality, but I have at least one friend who claims that he did (he chose to be bisexual).  I think it is possible, although perhaps the ability to 'choose' might, in and of itself, be something you're born with...

    Anyhow, I think it is problematic to apply a one-size-fits all prescription for people.  I think the truth of the matter is far more complex.  That said, since most people have trouble with non-binary situations (just ask the queer community!), and since 'born this way' is both closer to the truth and far more politically favorable to equality, it is usually the best explanation to offer laymen.

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