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  •  With due apologies (0+ / 0-)

    I know this forum is for elections.

    Still The Judge denied to stay gay weddings.

    Tauba Tauba

    Fortunately some faith county clerks are denying gay marriage licenses until the Mormon Church get clarification on its hotline from God.

    I can imagine the outrage in Utah.

    Red blooded Utahns:

    If gays are allowed to marry today, tomorrow some big black buck will be allowed to marry our sisters. Can't have it.

    And the more reasoned outrage:

    Equality for everybody. If a bisexual has a female spouse and a male spouse - what is the word for it? Polygamy? Polyandry? Until there is a a definite word for it in English, we cannot have gay weddings in Utah.

    The Governor is supporting both approaches and has asked the AAG (acting AG) to find more such reasons to be presented to the world for the greater glorification of the state.

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