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View Diary: MA boy was missing for THREE MONTHS before anyone reported it (28 comments)

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    many years ago my sister worked in child welfare - specifically checking up on parents with a  mental illness diagnosis - to help them get housing and make sure the kids were ok.   But there is no bloody way she could see in a month and do the paperwork for the 80-150 families she was assigned much less have time to help them.   She eventually transferred to emergency services when Reagan gutted the budget for mental health and the homeless - so even that little oversight was eliminated - and no help of course - they and their children were on their own.

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      In an overload situation where people CANNOT DO THE JOB RIGHT, those who care most about the job are likely to end up leaving

      Those who stay have several options.  They can numb themselves to the point that they're no longer upset by failure -- and no longer do much to help anyone.  They can become selective-- focus on those they feel they have the most chance to actually help, and do little if anything for the others.  THey can just flail around -- trying and failing, trying and failing -- getting more and more demoralized and dysfunctional as they go.

      This is happening in teaching, too.  I've been watching a young woman go from enthusiastic, popular, and loving teaching to someone who can't do the workload that's on her, hates doing it inadequately, and wants out.  Naturally, that's in a state that's been cutting education every year.

      "Austerity" has a high price, in learning and sometimes (as possibly in the case discussed in this post) in blood.

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      by Fiona West on Mon Dec 23, 2013 at 11:24:22 AM PST

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