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  •  Electric cars needed 3 things (5+ / 0-)

    higher power density rotating devices, which PEM, with
    REE delivered (Permanent Earth Magnets w/ Rare Earth Elements).

    Second they needed Batteries with a energy density
    over 50 WH/KG.

    Best LI-Ion is running 110 WH/KG, Tesla hints they have
    batteries at 200 WH/KG and i'm talking to people
    who say they can deliver 300 WH/KG.

    of course you also need battery that costs less then $1000/KWH.

    battery is below 700, and i've heard rumour it's below $300 now.

    Battery price is a very close hold number.

    a new Tesla battery is about 40K and that's for an 85 KWH battery. run the math and it's $500/KWH.  

    Figure some markup and that's their cost.

    But in 1997, those 3 things seemed a long way away.

    Fortunately Clinton invested into Advanced vehicle tech
    and Toyota and Honda pushed Hybrids.

    Drove a lot of battery tech.

    My Hope is Toyota makes the jump and converts their
    entire fleet ot Hybrids.

    If they did it globally, it would be a huge game changer,
    or at least if they would convert the entire Prius platform
    to plug ins.

    It's a big seller, and if you had people buying Plug in cars,
    we would see a lot of movement.

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