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    the very low capacity factor for solar, about 20% or less in most parts of the country. So that $2.50 per Watt cost becomes $12.50 per Watt when considered on a 100% availability basis. For a 30-year plant lifetime.

    Meanwhile, nuclear is coming in at about $6 per Watt installed, but with a 90% capacity factor that works out to $6.67 per Watt installed. And since a nuclear plant has a much longer lifespan than a solar panel -- perhaps twice as long -- over a 60 year period you're paying for the nuclear plant once for $6.67, while you're paying for the solar panel twice, for $25. So I still don't see where solar is anywhere near competitive at those prices.

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    by Keith Pickering on Tue Dec 24, 2013 at 06:24:14 PM PST

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