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View Diary: "Freedom?" Sure. But what if Phil Robertson is Completely Wrong about Biblical Teachings? (45 comments)

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    I agree that there's a portion of the fundamentalists who insist that the civil laws must conform to their religion. And as to THAT, I have no problem saying they are wrong -- based on the Constitution.  

    But there are also some religious people who strongly believe in their own religion, but recognize that the civil laws cannot conform to their religious views.  Look at the Kennedy family, for example -- profound Catholics, yet as far as the LAW goes, are pro-choice. You don't reach people like that when you, as a non-Catholic, argue that their fundamental religious views are "wrong." You reach them by separating religious views from government policy or law.  

    When someone OUTSIDE a person's religion attacks that religion as "wrong," no that doesn't convince anybody.  That gets people's backs up.  Unless the diarist is a strong believer in the Bible, and comes from that perspective, no he's not going to convince a single person who believes strongly in the Bible.  You are far, far, far more likely to reach such people by saying, "I completely respect your right to believe that, and recognize that the Constitution protects your right to believe that.  The laws, however, must be neutral to also respect the rights of others to believe differently."  

    I think far, far, far too often on this site, certain religious views are condemned as wrong, unacceptable, or even bigoted.  I would never consider Muslims, who believe that women, as second class citizens, must cover their heads are "bigoted."  I think they are wrong, but I also recognize their rights to what I believe are wrong RELIGIOUS views, because religion is protected in the First Amendment.

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