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    Dragon5616, paradise50

    1. A hot midsummer day in the south.  In the distance a low rumbling.  The sky is overcast, and a peculiar greenish light illuminates everything as the rumbling grows slightly louder, nearer, and a light wind blows loose items before it.  A hush, then a light patter as the rain begins ... continues ... grows slowly, then quickly louder and louder.  The air temperature drops, and the unmistakable odor of a thunderstorm arrives, cool and sharp and slightly sweet.  The sound of the rain reaches a loud insistent constant volume and stays there for many minutes.  The thunder and lightning arrive, near, then far, than near again. Finally, there is a slight diminution, then a rather rapid fall as the rain tapers off leaving an occasional patter, now over lain by the sound of dripping from every leaf, branch and stem above ground.  The sun comes out and the very earth starts to steam, you almost think you can hear it in the sudden quiet.  Storms over.

    2. December 31st snow storm.  It's now the new year, 1 AM.  The snow blankets everything, unusual for this place.  Snow dampens and amplifies sound.  All nearby usual sounds are missing, muffled and absorbed by quiet white, but a car with chains two miles away clanks cheerily and clearly through the frosted atmosphere.  A helpful police cruiser has stopped to help a motorist who, unschooled in winter driving, has slipped into a ditch.  The cruiser's lights still flash as the officers survey the situation.  Without warning a car traveling at an impressively high speed crests the hill behind them.  The driver, apparently quite inebriated, confirms the street wisdom that drunks are attracted, like moths, to light, and rear ends the cruiser without slowing down perceptibly.  The cruiser strikes the motorist in distress.  The officers fling themselves away from the collision as best they can.  The sound of metal on metal, tires sliding on snow, and hearty imprecations fill the air in a curious snow swallowed manner which lends an air of unreality to the unfolding events.  For a long moment there is no further sound save the windshield wipers of the attack vehicle.

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    by jotter on Sun Dec 29, 2013 at 01:12:25 PM PST

    •  Those are wonderful, jotter. (1+ / 0-)
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      I did a piece for Cavalcade of Words here. The exercise was to write without using the sense of sight. I did a thunderstorm, too.

      "Those are my principles, and if you don't like them...well, I have others." --Groucho Marx

      by Dragon5616 on Sun Dec 29, 2013 at 03:32:15 PM PST

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