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View Diary: Duck Dynasty Proves Americans Are Drifting Further Away From The Art Of Critical Thought. (25 comments)

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  •  allergywoman - It's interesting that of all the (0+ / 0-)

    "sins" Robertson (and the Bible) listed, everyone is focusing on homosexuality, which was just one on a list.
      And I'm also surprised that folks are getting so upset about not inheriting the Kingdom of Heaven. Do you think that's a real place?
       Sorry to spoil your little hate fest, but you guys don't understand Christianity and what I see here is a lot of Christian bashing.
       I would prefer that conservative Christians defend their views on their own, but they don't come to Dailykos, so I am explaining their viewpoint.
       You folks seem to have problems with anyone disagreeing with you and you don't seem to be able to communicate without name-calling.
       You are living up to the right wing stereotypes.

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