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  •  I'm thinking your comment is different from how (3+ / 0-)
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    I understood it.

    I thought you were saying that you were calling a doctor's office looking for someone who would take cash for services.  It sounds from this comment like you're looking instead for someone who will have no choice about whether or not to take you on as a patient - that you get to pick the doctor you want and they must accept you rather than keeping a doctor you have a relationship with.

    If I were the doctor's office, and I had to make a choice between patient A, who has insurance coverage who will pay and then I don't have to worry about collecting anything other than a co-payment from you, or you who I have no guarantee of payment from, I'd probably also go with the guaranteed payment from the insurer.

    If you showed up at the doctor's office with a sore throat and asked to be seen and you are paying with a credit card, they might try and fit you in, but they probably wouldn't commit to you as a full-time patient until they knew you better (with a track record that you fully pay your bills on time).

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