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View Diary: Good WaPo editorial on "Keep Your Own Doctor" (153 comments)

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  •  Whether the Doctor drops the Plan (3+ / 0-)
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    or the Plan drops the Doctor ... it's going to be bad for the Patient.

    And the Plans ARE taking advantage of the  chaos and confusion surrounding the  ACA to narrow their networks, raise their co pays  premiums and deductable --  and call it Competition and Choice.

    Poor babies ... under the PACA they had to reduce their "keep" by 1/3 -- in return for their subsidies and The Mandate.

    You know the numbers as well as I

    Medicare and Medicaid operate on about a 3% "keep" for overhead, advertising and administration.

    Before PACA insurance companies kept between 30 and 40% of premiums paid,  to cover overhead, advertising, administration and profit.

    Under the PACA they're held to 20% maximum -- though "who is doing the audit" is a whole other matter.

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