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View Diary: Good WaPo editorial on "Keep Your Own Doctor" (153 comments)

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  •  True: Perkins was not an anti-Communist ideologue (0+ / 0-)

    and neither was Franklin Roosevelt ...

    But so many of the Congress WERE -- Democrats included.  Accordingly,  New Deal programs had to conform to the broad outlines of a "Saving Capitalism" agenda for which Dixiecrats and Republicans might vote.

    I love that word "Hope" though.   I voted for it in 2008; and for Change, too --the more fool, me.

    But, of course, "what was the alternative?"

     I Voted for HopeandChange AGAIN in 2012.  And again  "what was the alternative?"

    So I'll buy into the idea  that Vermont is more like Canada than it is like Louisiana ... hell, Vermont even sent an "Independent" who calls himself a Socialist   to the Senate.

    Being as much a States Rights program as it is a National one, The PACA does allow States to break away from the National plan and establish their own -- though the details of how and with what limitations haven't gotten much MSM attention.

    So yes, Vermont very well MIGHT wind up with a single payer system -- in Vermont.  And it might be entirely adequate.  And other states in the "upper right hand corner" might follow their example.  Because "the States are the Laboratories of Democracy " --- everyone says so

    It's just a question of Time, Trust,  and Hope.

    So ... good for Vermont!



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